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Renee Hand


Book Signing Event at Kapnicks Orchard October 12th

Posted by reneehand on October 9, 2013 at 7:15 AM

I will be at Kapnick's Orchard in Britton for their Apple Festival this weekend to celebrate my new release in my Joe-Joe Nut Series, The Secret of the Missing Arch. This is a mystery for children in 3rd grade and above. Also, with every book purchase, readers will be able to enter into a drawing to have me come to their school for a free author visit. Here is the information for my new release. Hope to see everyone there.





Book Summary:


The town of Acorn Valley is a buzz with the news of an art fundraiser at the elementary school that will help local animals in need who lost their homes because of inclement weather. With the whole town getting involved, famous area artists like Claude Monet Mongoose, Georgia O’ Giraffe, Vincent Van Goat, and Pablo Picasso Peacock all attend so they can each auction off a weather painting coinciding with the fundraising theme. It isn’t until Dr. Ced E. Meant’s presentation at the Metropolitan Museum before the event where, during a presentation where he discusses his findings concerning the erosion of some area parks, he discovers his research has been stolen, which contains information the world would be interested in knowing. At the fundraising event, truth’s unfold that will baffle detectives Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill leading them to suspects they never thought could have committed the crime. Will they be able to solve the case before Dr. Ced E. Meant’s research goes global? Join the detectives on their journey in learning about the topics of weather, erosion and art. Look for various activities in the back of the book to enhance learning.





35th Annual Apple Festival is Saturday October 12th 9-6 p.m. and Sunday October 13th 10-6 p.m.




Kapnick Orchards

4245 Rogers Hwy.

Britton, MI 49229


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