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USA Award-Winning Children's Books; chapter books for elementary and middle school. Award-Winning Author, Book Entertainer, & Prolific Speaker

Renee Hand

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Web Store

The Crypto-Capers Series-The Peacock Diaries-Book 5



In The Peacock Diaries, the famous missing inventor, Percival Peacock, will secretly lead the Crypto-Caper Team on a continuing adventure in the search of the true identity of the Panther, the notorious villain in the series. He will send them to the bowels of London where the history of Shakespeare will consume them. Then to his mansion in the Lake District, which is filled with such horrors that the team will have to work together in order to get through them, but will they make it out alive with mechanical poisonous spiders chasing after them? Many obstacles are thrown into their path in finding the truth, but when it’s finally discovered, will it be what they expected? Or will it be just more lies to decipher? Solve the puzzles to find the truth in this interactive mystery series.

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