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USA Award-Winning Children's Books; chapter books for elementary and middle school. Award-Winning Author, Book Entertainer, & Prolific Speaker

Renee Hand

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Web Store

The Crypto-Capers in the Case of Red Rock Canyon-Book 2


The Case of Red Rock Canyon leads the team to Las Vegas, Nevada, where they are thrown into the dramatic world of theater to solve their next mystery. A week before the opening night of one of the most talked about plays on the Strip. It?s main attraction?a one-of-a-kind Orchid Ruby Necklace?goes missing. The detectives soon become ensnared in a plot that could destroy them all. They must sift through the clues to figure out what is truth, and what are lies. One of their lives will be in the balance. Can they be saved? Only you can control the answer to that question.   Join the Crypto-Capers on their adventure of self discovery and courage. Help them by solving the cryptograms and participating in the various activities. They are not for the faint of heart, but for the bravest and most confident of souls. Can you do it? We are counting on you. Good luck!

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